Since INTEROPen4 in July, a growing number of non-vendor organisations and individuals with valuable technical and clinical knowledge of the technologies we supply, and the standards needed to enable interoperability, have requested to contribute to INTEROPen’s important standards work.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to invite them to our membership. These include NHS provider and commissioner IT teams.

However, our mission statement makes it clear that we are here to work together to accelerate the development of open standards for interoperability, whilst putting commercial interests aside.

In addition, the recent report, Making IT Work, chaired by Dr Robert Wachter, focused heavily on “interoperability”, specifically stating:

  • “National standards for interoperability should be developed and enforced, with an expectation of widespread interoperability of core data elements by 2020”
  • “Widespread interoperability will require the development and enforcement of standards, along with penalties for suppliers, trusts, GPs, and others who stand in the way of appropriate data sharing.”

It, therefore, appears that the role of INTEROpen, is set to become an even more vital piece in the transformation of our NHS for safer and more efficient patient care.

As a result, a proposal has been put forward that we OPEN our MEMBERSHIP to non-vendor organisations and individuals with technical and clinical expertise in health and social care interoperability standards development.

The proposal has been supported enthusiastically by the following members:

Blackpear, Cerner, Emis Health, Endeavour, Healthcare Gateway, IMS Maxims, InterSystems, Microsoft, Orion Health, TPP, including NHS Digital.

ACTION FOR MEMBERS: If you have any objection to this please contact us at by 16/09/2016 with your justification, or use SLACK to discuss openly.

If no objections are raised we will open up the SLACK forum without delay and update our website and twitter feeds accordingly.

Proposal for INTEROPen to “OPEN” its membership [HAVE YOUR SAY]

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