The PRSB, INTEROPen, and the Royal College of Physicians have formalised a new official partnership, enhancing our joint commitment to improving information sharing across health and social care.

On 22 May 2018, Luke Readman, Co-Chair of INTEROPen, Lorraine Foley, CEO of The PRSB and Dr Ian Bullock, CEO of The Royal College of Physicians, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreeing to ‘work together to advance interoperability across the NHS and social care through engagement of clinicians and care professionals patient/carer representatives, vendors and informaticians’.

The PRSB, INTEROPen and the RCP have taken this decision to formally recognise the strengths of that each party brings to addressing the challenge of creating interoperable information systems across health and social care. The organisations have agreed to work as trusted partners in an open and transparent business relationship to develop collaborative, value for money standards in response to customer needs across health and social care.

Importantly, the partnership aims to ensure that professional standards are adopted into everyday practice to improve the information-sharing that underpins safe and effective care and that they use open standards, such as INTEROPen CareConnect FHIR profiles.

Each organisation brings unique strengths to the partnership: PRSB is the voice of more than 40 clinical, professional and patient representative bodies on standards for the content of care records; RCP offers expertise in the development of standards and unique access to its clinical experts, and INTEROPen has formed to bring these key interoperability stakeholders together, including more than 140 vendor organisations and techUK, to focus on the development of the interoperability specifications which vendors have signed up to implement to ensure better real-time structured and coded information sharing across health and care systems.

This partnership will be underpinned by the following core principles (abridged from MoU):

  • Service users and taxpayers first: the common goal is to improve outcomes for health and care service users and their families. All elements of the partnership will be guided by that principle.

  • Clinician and Care Professional Benefit: the PRSB, RCP, and INTEROPen will work together to develop solutions that clinicians and care professionals need to enhance care delivery and expect by 2020.

  • Reciprocal Accountability: all organisations will be accountable to each other for delivering their respective responsibilities and will work in collaboration to provide an end-to-end service for professional record standards development, assurance, implementation, evaluation, and maintenance.

  • Delivery leadership: a Joint Executive Board of representatives will create and manage the delivery teams and leadership arrangements for each work package based on skills, capabilities, and availability.

  • Transparency: the PRSB, RCP, and INTEROPen will communicate with each other in an open and honest manner and make available the information and resources reasonably required.

  • Supportive: each organisation will strive to support the success of the others.
  • Flexibility: the PRSB, RCP, and INTEROPen recognise that they may need to adapt the nature of their contribution over the term of the agreement and will work in good faith to enable the partnership to thrive.

Read the full MoU here

INTEROPen formalises collaboration with the PRSB and Royal College of Physicians
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