About Us

INTEROPen is an OPEN collaboration of individuals, industry, standards organisations and health and care providers, who have agreed to work together to accelerate the development of open standards for interoperability in the health and social care sector.

INTEROPen members have access to a collaboration platform, Ryver, where members share resources, announcements and work together on the design and application of technical interoperability standards.

INTEROPen activities include educational events, co-production of CareConnect FHIR profiles and APIs, data validation, hackathons and well as the governance and adoption of standards into the service.

Commercial interests are put to one side in the group’s activities.

INTEROPen is governed by a Board of Representatives who meet each month to discuss ideas and projects, develop the ambitions of the community and check that progress is in line with INTEROPen’s Vision, Mission and Values. INTEROPen Board members represent interoperability stakeholders from across health and social care.

INTEROPen Board Representatives

Names and organisation logos for the members of the INTEROPen Board. These are: Amir Mehrkar from NHS Digital - Clinical Joint Chair of INTEROPen; Luke Readman, Non-Clinical Joint Chair of INTEROPen; Malcom Senior and Richard Kavanagh, representing NHS Digital, Indi Singh representing NHS England with deputy Ian Townend; Andy Kinnear and Mike Andersson, representing BCS; David Hancock from InterSystems representing Tech UK; Dougal Fleming representing Orion Health; Simon Cavell representing System C; Ben McAlister representing Cerner; Neil Robinson and Chris Bull representing IHE; Lorraine Foley representing PRSB; Phil Koczan and Joe McDonald representing the Digital Health CCIO Network; Adrian Byrne and Andy Hadley representing the Digital Health CIO Network; Neil Bartram representing Adult Social Services; Ian McNicoll representing OpenEHR with deputy Tony Shannon; Dunmail Hodkinson representing HL7UK with deputy Philip Scott


INTEROpen Vision: A health and care community through which digital information seamlessly flows.


INTEROPen Values:

1. To put health ans social care users at the heart of everything we do.
2. To put aside commercial interests in pursuit of our vision.
3. To work openly and collaboratively with each other.
4. To be transparent and work with integrity.
5. To embrace innovation and always forward thinking.
6. To be inclusive of those who share our vision and values.


INTEROPen Mission:

Bringing together a collaborative health and care community to establish and maintain open standards for the exchange of digital information that are easily and readily available for common use within the health and social care sector.