In the spirit of openness and transparency, INTEROPen provides access to a selection of Community Documents. This folder is open and contributed to by members of the INTEROPen community. As a result, you will find a cornucopia of resources, including templates, case studies, and reference documents, but also several ‘works in progress’ – the beginnings of collaborative pieces and co-authored articles which are still in draft but perhaps of interest and to which you are invited to add your voice.  

If you would like to add documents or suggest edits, please let us know by contacting


Brand Assets – for templates, example presentation slides, our image gallery and the INTEROPen logo in various formats. Here you will also find our original Vision Mission and Values presentation slides.

CareConnect Collateral

Interoperability Case Studies


INTEROPen Sub-Groups

Interoperability Handbook

Learning from Local

LHCRE Support

MoU: INTEROPen, the PRSB and the Royal College of Physicians


WebEx Sessions