Clinicians on FHIR: The Connectathon




In May 2018, INTEROPen hosted the second-ever FHIR training session for clinicians. Led by Drs. Amir Mehrkar, David Hay and Munish Jokhani, the day covered the following modules which are now available to watch:

Welcome and INTEROPen Update
INTEROPen FHIR Curation 
FHIR Review
Modelling the Problem List (practical session – no video)

To catch up on all the sessions, go to the full presentation deck, including Modelling the Problem List, here: Clinicians on FHIR: The Connectathon 
or watch the full video playlist on YouTube

Clinicians on FHIR: 21st November 2017, The King’s Fund

Download Presentations

Catch up on all the modules from the day with our YouTube video playlist, including:
Clinicians on FHIR 2017: Highlights
Part 1: Welcome and introduction to modelling with ClinFHIR
Part 2: Introduction to FHIR
Part 3: Building a scenario
Part 4: Structured data and profiling

Interop Summit 2017 Presentations

Check out the fantastic line of of expert interoperability speakers at the inaugural INTEROP SUMMIT 2017 here

Day 1-01 Welcome and Introductions by the Co-founders
Day 1-02 Michael’s Story
Day 1-03 What is clinical information modelling? (Ian McNicoll)
Day 1-04 What is Clinical Terminology? (Dai Evans)
Day 1-05 Packaging, Transferring and manipulating data across systems (Matt Stibbs)
Day 1-06 The different designs of sharing platforms and the RESTful API future (Adam Hatherly)
Day 1-07 Why you WANT to be on FHIR (David Hay)
Day 1-08 The legal basis of data sharing (Martin Severs)
Day 1-09 Machine Learning in Healthcare (Dominic King)
Day 1-10 Technical solutions to keep health data safe (Andrew Eland)
Day 2-01 Opening
Day 2-02 Making SNOMED CT Work (Jeremy Rogers)
Day 2-03 The PRSB Headings (Ian McNicoll, Dr Philip Scott, Dr Phil Koczan)
Day 2-04 Products to support Interoperability (Indi Singh, Ian Townend, Phil Stradling, Mike Smith)
Day 2-05 How to make the business case for your interoperability programme (Jocelyn Palmer)
Day 2-06 The past, present and future of standards development work in the NHS (Andrew Fenton)
Day 2-07 Interoperability between Health and Social Care (James Palmer, Keith Strahan)
Day 2-08 Engaging the public in an Information sharing gateway (Joe McDonald)
Day 2-09 Thank you and Closing Remarks by the Co-Founders