INTEROPen is an OPEN collaboration of individuals, industry, standards organisations and health and care providers, who have agreed to work together to accelerate the development of open standards for interoperability in the health and social care sector.

INTEROPen aims to provide a forum to collaborate on the design and application of technical interoperability standards. The areas covered by the group include data exchange, data validation, defining APIs and governance. It is an action group whereby members commit to design, validation and demonstration using real systems.

Commercial interests are put to one side in the group’s activities.

INTEROPen is governed by a Board of Representatives. The INTEROPen Board meets each month to discuss ideas and projects, develop the ambitions of the community and check that progress is in line with INTEROPen’s Vision, Mission and Values

INTEROPen Vision: "A health and care community through which digital information seamlessly flows"1. To put our health and care professionals and public at the heart of everything we do 2. To put aside individual and corporate interests in pursuit of our vision 3. To work openly and collaboratively with each other 4. To be transparent and work with integrity 5. To embrace innovation and always be forward thinking 6. To be inclusive of all those who share our vision and valuesBringing together a collaborative health and care community to establish and maintain open standards for the exchange of digital information that are easily and readily available for common use within the health and social care sector.