INTEROPen recognised in NHS England’s Invitation for Proposals for Local Health and Care Record Exemplars (LHCRE) Programme

NHS England is inviting proposals for Local Health and Care Record Exemplars (LHCRE) that can “raise the bar” in how the NHS, and its partners, share information safely and securely to help deliver better care for our populations.

In the invitation, NHS England recognised the importance for LHCREs to work with INTEROPen and the wider interoperability community, to co-create technical, data and interoperability standards, that will become mandatory for all Local Health and Care Records.

These standards will cover both the structure of the information, the methods by which it may be exchanged and elements including terminology, meta-data, classifications and record headings. Local Health and Care Record solutions will provide an aggregated, normalised record for access through apps based on interoperability standards such as SMART on FHIR, and will make that record available securely in real time to other third-party solutions and other local health and care record solutions.

INTEROPen, working with its members, looks forward to developing and supporting the implementation of these standards with the Local Health and Care Record Exemplars.


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