Software Supplier Interoperability Questionnaire

United by a common mission to improve interoperability across the NHS, INTEROPen has been working closely with NHS England, NHS Digital and techUK to develop a software Supplier Interoperability Questionnaire which, after much testing and tweaking, we now invite and encourage your organisation to complete.

This survey is not designed to judge or score software suppliers – its sole aim is to form a realistic assessment of where you, suppliers of IT software to the UK health and care sector, are today; what you are committed to delivering, the challenges you are facing, and the type of support you need. It is intended to offer you a voice, and you will be invited on multiple occasions to make suggestions and recommendations for change.

This is a real opportunity for you to make a difference – to voice concerns, shout about successes and let us know what you need.

The questionnaire is in two parts – please read the introduction to each part carefully. Part 1 asks more general questions around awareness of requirements as well as providing a chance for you to share details of products which support interoperability excellence via INTEROPen. Part 2 of the survey relates in more detail to functionality for each of the products or services that you support.

We hosted a webex to answer any initial questions you may have and offer guidance on completing the questionnaire. The deadline for survey submissions is 6th July 2018.

As this is a live online survey, we strongly recommend that you prepare in advance using the attached pdf previews of each part. Please note that some questions may require input from different areas of your organisation, and you may wish to include colleagues from your technical and communications departments in this preparation. We have also attached a Supplier Briefing Pack, prepared by NHS England, to help you complete this questionnaire.

Test feedback has suggested that you should allow 20-30 minutes to complete Part 1 and 1-1.5 hours to complete Part 2.

The Questionnaire
When ready, you can access the online questionnaire by following the links below. Your responses will only be saved once you have reached the end of each part and clicked ‘submit’:

Part 1

Part 2

At the end of each part, you will be asked whether you wish to submit another response (to provide details of another product) or edit your response. By clicking on the ‘Edit your response’ you will be directed to the unique URL for your response, which should be saved in case you wish to make further amends after submission. A copy of your responses will be sent to you on completion of each part.

If you have any questions at all, please contact

We very much hope that you choose to take part in this important piece of work.

Quick links:
Audio recording of this webex
Webex slides
Supplier Briefing Pack
PDF previews of the Supplier Interoperability Questionnaire – Part 1 and Part 2
Live online survey: Part 1 & Part 2


  • For some reason my question did not get posted until 21 June… but anyway a few (late) comments:

    1. This is obviously about England – can it not also address four nations interop? Most of the suppliers are the same group so it seems silly to exclude interesting things that might be happening “abroad”.
    2. I think the SNOMED CT and dm+d questions in part 2 need a free text box to explain what is meant by “yes” in Q2 & 3.
    3. General comment – it is very long – will suppliers actually complete it?

    • Hi Philip

      Thank you for getting in touch. Please see below our response to your comments, point by point:
      1. This questionnaire was not intended to be for England only and any indication that we are not keen to understand what is happening across all four nations is not intentional. We did, however, develop this questionnaire in close collaboration with NHS England to ensure it can be cross-referenced with their recent Care Provider survey for further analysis, which could explain the apparent slant.

      2. We have tried to incorporate as many opportunities for free text as possible and I would suggest respondents use the related free text questions in these sections to provide any further information that may be relevant, even if these do not directly follow the questions mentioned.

      3. We appreciate that the survey is long but we hope that suppliers will see it for the opportunity it presents to share progress, voice concerns and draw attention to where they need further support or resources.

  • Can I check: the text says “The deadline for clarification questions is Wednesday, 20th July”, but presumably that is a typo and really that means today, Weds 20 June?



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