Feedback has been positive on the INTEROPen FHIR curation process used to create CareConnect FHIR profiles to support UK clinical interoperability. The curation process was initially designed as a pilot for structured information sharing for Transfer of Care and GPConnect. This pilot has now come to an end and has been successful. As you will appreciate, the FHIR curation process, which underpins multiple NHS England and Digital work programmes, will need a suitable business case going forward.

The INTEROPen Board has agreed to produce a paper to support a sustainable funding model for INTEROPen to include: establishing INTEROPen’s FHIR curation as a Business as Usual process; working with vendors on test harnesses, hackathons, and API development; and providing educational events. The ultimate aim of these activities is to support the publication of CareConnect interoperability standards as a release candidate.

INTEROPen board members also identified the importance of working with GDEs, local communities, LHCREs, the PRSB, providers and vendors to achieve “standards into practice”; in effect, demonstrating usage of these CareConnect standards into frontline care settings.

Whilst we prepare the business case, the NHS Digital Data Standards Team will work with NHS Digital programmes, such as Digital Child Health, to support their interoperability requirements.

Throughout autumn, we hope the community will turn its attention towards supporting vendors to develop and implement the CareConnect standards, mindful that the December 2018 deadline in the NHS Standard Contract is fast approaching and we have to drive adoption.  

We shall keep the community informed of developments around the business case and hope to have positive news of what a sustainable model for developing clinically led open interoperability standards for health and care might look like!

We are grateful for the ongoing support of the membership in working together as a community to discuss and share interoperability challenges on RYVER, showcase case studies at events and helping to develop the UK’s first CareConnect FHIR standards.

For interested readers, here is a brief timeline of INTEROPen FHIR curation.


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