Standards in Action: Interoperability Questionnaire

Update: We received an amazing 133 responses to our Interoperability Priorities Questionnaire – THANK YOU!

Take a look at the raw results of this survey in our Collated Feedback document. Thematic analysis to follow. 

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Want to have your say on interoperability priorities for patient care? You have until midnight on 6 November to take the INTEROPen Interoperability Priorities Questionnaire.

Developed by INTEROPen in close collaboration with NHS England and NHS Digital, this questionnaire aims to identify and validate the information sharing priorities to help deliver improvements in patient care. Results will be used to identify gaps, ensure alignment with local needs and set the national direction for the delivery of interoperability (information sharing) standards. 


Following the Secretary of State’s announcements in support of digital transformation of health and social care, NHS Digital has published beta content which recognises a role for INTEROPen, the PRSB, and vendors, especially in terms of collaboration and curation of standards:

A webinar was held on Tuesday 30th October to offer background to the questionnaire and to share current thinking on the interoperability priorities to enable improvements in care delivery. A recording of this WebEx is now available here and slides used in the presentation can be found here

If you have any questions, contact

Thank you – you’re helping to make interoperability happen.



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