An INTEROPen First: Medications Interoperability Hackathon in a Virtual Setting

On 14 & 15 July 2020, INTEROPen joined forces with Wessex Care Records in an online hackathon hoping to unravel one of the knottiest of problems we face – medications interoperability across care settings.

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Building on Leeds Success

Building on the work of the Medications stream at our Fixing Broken Care Journeys #FHIRHack which took place in Leeds last October, this event was designed to progress the ambition of speeding up the move towards a consolidated medications record that can be accessed across care settings including primary and secondary care, ambulance, social care, and personal health records.

Our first online event, this hackathon was attended by 166 delegates from across the INTEROPen community (97 hack participants, 20 facilitators, 49 post-hack only attendees), including developers from over 30 different vendor organisations interested in learning about, testing, and developing capabilities and tools that will help staff and patients share medications data in a safe and secure manner. It was facilitated by specialists from the NHS Digital Medications team, with specialist support from Neil Robinson (technical coordinator), as well as Andy Hadley and Ian Haywood from Wessex Care Records.

Hack Projects

  • Importing GP Connect Medications into TrakCare for Admission Reconciliation
  • Prescribe and Dispense
  • Creating Population-Level Synthetic Records with CADE and Apache Kafka
  • Patient-led (PHR) Medication Reconciliation
  • Presenting Medication History within Clinical Assessments
  • Consolidated Patient Medication List API
  • Using CareConnect in the world of Domicillary Care (GP data into Social Care)
  • Integration with GP Connect, EPS, transfer of care and pharmacy integration
  • Integrate Google Assistant with GP Connect (Appointment Booking) and FHIR Subscription Services (MedicationDispense)
  • Patient Medication Reconciliation Demo


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