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Our Members

Member NameOrganisation Type
IEG4IT Supplier
BetterIT Supplier
Factor 50Other
X-LabIT Supplier
Wolters Kluwer Health (HealthLanguage)IT Supplier
Wiggly-AmpsIT Supplier
Vision HealthIT Supplier
Virgin Media BusinessIT Supplier
TrustmarqueIT Supplier
Trisoft Ltd (Trisoft Healthcare)IT Supplier
TotalMobileIT Supplier
Tiny Medical AppsIT Supplier
Tiani SpiritIT Supplier
CommonTimeIT Supplier
Targett Business TechnologyIT Supplier
TactuumIT Supplier
SystemCIT Supplier
SunquestIT Supplier
StalisIT Supplier
Specialist Computer CentresIT Supplier
Solutions4HealthIT Supplier
Soliton ITIT Supplier
SitekitIT Supplier
Shaping CloudIT Supplier
ServelecIT Supplier
SectraIT Supplier
RorytechIT Supplier
psHEALTHIT Supplier
PrederiIT Supplier
Ramsey SystemsIT Supplier
Philips HealthcareIT Supplier
Oxford40ITIT Supplier
Outcomes Based HealthcareIT Supplier
OrtivusIT Supplier
Orion HealthIT Supplier
OracleIT Supplier
Optum InternationalIT Supplier
Open Mapping SoftwareIT Supplier
Oneview HealthcareIT Supplier
OLM SystemsIT Supplier
ODILEEDSNetworks & Others
Nth DimensionIT Supplier
Nottinghamshire HealthIT Supplier
Northgate Public ServicesIT Supplier
NHS Wales Informatics ServiceIT Supplier
myhealthIT Supplier
MphRxIT Supplier
MedelinkedIT Supplier
MicrotestIT Supplier
MedxnoteIT Supplier
Medical ConnectionsIT Supplier
MaydenIT Supplier
JKM Care SolutionsIT Supplier
JAC Computer Services LtdIT Supplier
IntersystemsIT Supplier
InteleradIT Supplier
IntelesantIT Supplier
INPSIT Supplier
Inidus LtdIT Supplier
InhealthcareIT Supplier
Infinity HealthIT Supplier
IMMJ Systems (Mediviewer)IT Supplier
Active MedicineIT Supplier
AccuRxIT Supplier
Zesty LtdIT Supplier
York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation (NHS Trust/NHS care provider)
Xyron LtdIT Supplier
xim LtdIT Supplier
X-tentionIT Supplier
Written MedicineIT Supplier
West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS TrustCare Organisation
Wellbeing SoftwareIT Supplier
Warrington & Halton Hospitals NHS FTCare Organisation (NHS Trust/NHS care provider)
WallscopeIT Supplier
VcareIT Supplier
University of EdinburghAcademic Institution
University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
University Hospitals Plymouth NHS TrustCare Organisation
University Hospitals of Leicester NHS TrustCare Organisation (NHS Trust/NHS care provider)
University Hospitals Derby and BurtonCare Organisation
University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
Ultramed LtdIT Supplier
TwynBrain LtdIT Supplier
ThoughtWorks (NHS Digital)IT Supplier
The Royal Marsden NHS foundation TrustCare Organisation (NHS Trust/NHS care provider)
The Rotherham NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
The Christie NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation (NHS Trust/NHS care provider)
The Brain Tumour CharityNetworks & Others
The Access GroupIT Supplier
Termlex Inc LtdIT Supplier
SynaneticsIT Supplier
Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation (NHS Trust/NHS care provider)
Sussex & East Surrey STPCare Organisation
Surrey Heartlands health and care partnership / Surrey & Sussex Cancer AllianceCare Organisation (NHS Trust/NHS care provider)
Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
Substrakt HealthIT Supplier
Staircase13IT Supplier
St. Helens & Knowsley Hospital Teaching TrustCare Organisation (NHS Trust/NHS care provider)
St Helens and Knowsley Health InformaticsCare Organisation (NHS Trust/NHS care provider)
Somerset Foundation Trust NHSCare Organisation
Somerset Cancer Register - Taunton & Somerset NHS TrustCare Organisation
SOCITMNetworks & Others
SNOMED InternationalStandards Organisation
SilverCoud Health LtdIT Supplier
Shropshire CouncilCare Organisation (NHS Trust/NHS care provider)
Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisations
Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
SGS PharmaIT Supplier
Salford Royal NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
Royal College of PhysiciansNetworks & Others
RippleIT Supplier
Red Embedded SystemsIT Supplier
R-Outcomes LtdIT Supplier
Quant NetworkIT Supplier
QA ConsultingOther
PutneymeadCare Organisation
Positive Solutions LimitedIT Supplier
Pinnacle Health PartnershipIT Supplier
Person Centred SoftwareIT Supplier
Pennine Care NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
Patients Know BestIT Supplier
Patient ViewIT Supplier
Malinko Health & Care Technologies LimitedIT Supplier
CSIROIT Supplier
Clinical Architecture LtdIT Supplier
CarepennyIT Supplier
Canon Medical Research EuropeIT Supplier
Cambridge University HospitalsCare Organisation
Cambio + Healthcare SystemsIT Supplier
C-BIA ConsultingIT Supplier
Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS FTCare Organisation (NHS Trust/NHS care provider)
Bond Digital HealthIT Supplier
BluespierIT Supplier
Birmingham & Solihull LDRCare Organisation
Bionworks TechnologiesIT Supplier
Belfast City HospitalCare Organisation
Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS TrustCare Organisation (NHS Trust/NHS care provider)
Ayan WorksIT Supplier
AtosIT Supplier
ART Healthcare SoftwareIT Supplier
Application InsightIT Supplier
Answer DigitalIT Supplier
Amazon Web ServicesIT Supplier
AllscriptsIT Supplier
Allocate SoftwareIT Supplier
Alder Hey NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
Aire Logic LtdIT Supplier
AIMESNetworks & Others
AGFA Healthcare AGIT Supplier
AccentureIT Supplier
AccendaIT Supplier
2gether NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
Zebra Workforce Technology LtdIT Supplier
YotiIT Supplier
Xantura LtdIT Supplier
Woodward Associates LtdIT Supplier
Wibble.WorksIT Supplier
West Suffolk Hospital NHS TrustCare Organisation
Wessex Care RecordsCare Organisation
VisionableIT Supplier
Verisec InternationalIT Supplier
University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
uMedeor LtdIT Supplier
Trybe.ID IncIT Supplier
Trust IDIT Supplier
Royal Free NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
Spirit DigitalCare Organisation
SpiritDigitalIT Supplier
SolidSoft ReplyIT Supplier
SalesforceIT Supplier
Royal College of NursingOther
ReallyCare CICIT Supplier
Radar SoftwareIT Supplier
Push DoctorCare Organisation
Patchwork HealthIT Supplier
Parsys TelemedecineCare Organisation
Operose HealthCare Organisation
Nottinghamshire County CouncilOther
Norfolk and Waveney Health and Care PartnershipCare Organisation
The Nine Software Company LtdIT Supplier
Newgate TechnologyIT Supplier
Nervecentre Software LtdIT Supplier
NE Device SWIT Supplier
Lunaria LtdIT Supplier
LifeBoxIT Supplier
Kinseed LTDIT Supplier
Janeiro DigitalIT Supplier
Itechohealth LtdIT Supplier
Isosec LtdIT Supplier
IPORIT Supplier
Instant Access MedicalIT Supplier
InfoFlexIT Supplier
ImprivitaIT Supplier
IgnosysCare Organisation
ID WorksIT Supplier
Identity ExpertsIT Supplier
Hyland CredentialsIT Supplier
HumaIT Supplier
Hamisec UK LtdOther
FDBIT Supplier
EvernymIT Supplier
Essential ParentIT Supplier
Edinburgh Napier UniversityAcademic Institution
DKTORStandards Organisation
Dignio LtdIT Supplier
Digital Healthcare Management LtdCare Organisation
Datapharm LtdOther
CognizantIT Supplier
ClinicYouIT Supplier
Clarity Workforce TechnologyIT Supplier
Caudwell ChildrenCare Organisation
Care Is LtdIT Supplier
Canary Healthcare Technology LtdIT Supplier
Blackpool Teaching HospitalCare Organisation
Black Space Technology LtdIT Supplier
BirdieIT Supplier
BetterIT Supplier
Best BeginningsOther
AlcidionIT Supplier
Albion Technology LtdIT Supplier
Advanced Health & CareIT Supplier
Aark Intelligence LtdIT Supplier
Gateshead NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Foundation TrustCare Organisation (NHS Trust/NHS care provider)
Public International Group IT Supplier
Millbrook Healthcare LtdCare Organisation (Private Care Provider)
CGLCare Organisation (private care provider)
Barts Health NHS TrustCare Organisation (Trust)
AxelaIT Supplier
Appt-HealthIT Supplier
Taunton and Somerset NHS FTCare Organisation
ParsekIT Supplier
Kirklees CouncilOther
IntegrellaIT Supplier
East Sussex Healthcare NHS TrustCare Organisation
Dr Morton'sOther
CinapsisIT Supplier
techUKNetworks & Others
Quicksilva Systems Integration SolutionsIT Supplier
PRSB (Professional Records Standards Body)Standards Organisations
OpenEHRStandards Organisations
North Yorkshire County Council (Adult Social Care Services)Care Organisation
Digital Health CIO NetworkNetworks & Others
Digital Health CCIO NetworkNetworks & Others
BCS (British Computer Society)Networks & Others
TPPIT Supplier
5000 LivesIT Supplier
AerateIT Supplier
BaxterIT Supplier
BDIT Supplier
Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
Black Cat IT Services and SolutionsIT Supplier
Black PearIT Supplier
BootsIT Supplier
BTIT Supplier
CapgeminiNetworks & Others
Capita Health PartnersIT Supplier
Care Innovation CorporationNetworks & Others
Careflow Connect LtdIT Supplier
Carelink (Piksel Ltd)IT Supplier
CernerIT Supplier
CGI GroupIT Supplier
CharityLogIT Supplier
Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP)Networks & Others
CheckWareIT Supplier
CirdanIT Supplier
Clanwilliam GroupIT Supplier
Clevermed LtdIT Supplier
Clinical Computer SystemsIT Supplier
ClinisysIT Supplier
Coeus Software LtdIT Supplier
Connecting Care PartnershipCare Organisation
Cyber Media SolutionsIT Supplier
Dedalus HealthcareIT Supplier
Deepmind HealthIT Supplier
DeonticsIT Supplier
Digital CognitionIT Supplier
Digital Health & Care Institute, ScotlandALB (Arm's Length Bodies)
DigitalHealth.London AcceleratorNetwork
DIMECIT Supplier
DoclyIT Supplier
DocmanIT Supplier
DocoboIT Supplier
Dorset Health & Care Community (Dorset CCG)Care Organisation
Dovetail Digital t/a Dovetail LabIT Supplier
Dr FosterNetworks & Others
DrDoctorIT Supplier
DXCIT Supplier
DXS International plcIT Supplier
East Midlands AHSNArm's Length Body
East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS TrustCare Organisation
Eastern AHSNNetwork
eConsultIT Supplier
EgressIT Supplier
ElsevierIT Supplier
EMIS HealthIT Supplier
EMIS National User GroupNetworks & Others
EMRN ConsultingNetworks & Others
Endeavour HealthIT Supplier
EnovacomIT Supplier
EpicIT Supplier
EproIT Supplier
Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
everyLIFE TechnologiesIT Supplier
ExcelicareIT Supplier
ExperisIT Supplier
First Databank UK Ltd (Hearst Health)IT Supplier
ForcareIT Supplier
FortrusIT Supplier
Forward ClinicalIT Supplier
FreshEHRIT Supplier
G2 Speech B.VIT Supplier
Gemserv LimitedNetworks & Others
Get Real HealthIT Supplier
GoogleIT Supplier
GoogleIT Supplier
GovnetNetworks & Others
GP Website DesignIT Supplier
GPC GroupIT Supplier
Graphnet HealthIT Supplier
Great North Care RecordCare Organisation
Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership CDOCare Organisation
Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation (NHS Trust/NHS care provider)
Hantional immunisation office, hse irelandCare Organisation (NHS Trust/NHS care provider)
Harvard Medical SchoolAcademic Institution
HCI Group (Tech Mahindra Ltd)IT Supplier
Health and Social Care in Northern IrelandCare Organisation
Health CatalystIT Supplier
Health Data Research UKAcademic Institution
Health Education EnglandALBs (Arm's Length Bodies)
Health FabricIT Supplier
Health Innovation NetworkNetworks & Others
Health IntelliegenceIT Supplier
Health Navigator LtdCare Organisation
Healthcare Communications UK LtdIT Supplier
Healthcare GatewayNetworks & Others
HealthForgeIT Supplier
Healthier Lancashire and South CumbriaCare Organisation
HealthlinkedIT Supplier
Healthy London PartnershipALBs (Arm's Length Bodies)
Healthy.ioIT Supplier
HicomIT Supplier
HL7 UKStandards Organisations
Holding Your Hand LimitedCare Organisation
Honour laboratories Ltd Care Organisation
HospediaIT Supplier
HSECare Organisation
Huawei TechnologiesIT Supplier
Humber NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
Humber, Coast and Vale STPCare Organisation
IT Supplier
IDO ConsultingOther
IHE UKStandards Organisations
Imperial CollegeAcademic Institution
Imperial College Healthcare NHS TrustCare Organisation
Informatics Service (NHIS)IT Supplier
Information Sharing Gateway (ISG)Care Organisation (NHS Trust/NHS care provider)
Innovative UK - Knowledge Transfer NetworkNetworks & Others
Insource LtdIT Supplier
Instituto Nacional de PerinatologiaCare Organisation
Integrated Care 24 LtdIT Supplier
integrated medhealth communicationOther
Integrated Software SolutionsIT Supplier
InterneuronIT Supplier
J2 Interactive Ltd.IT Supplier
K2 Medical SystemsIT Supplier
Kainos EvolveIT Supplier
Klas ResearchNetworks & Others
Lancashire and South Cumbria STPCare Organisation
Learning Health SolutionsIT Supplier
Leeds City CouncilOther
Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS TrustCare Organisation
LiaisonIT Supplier
LiquidlogicIT Supplier
London Digital ProgrammeCare Organisation
London Health and Care Information ExchangeALBS (Arm's Length Bodies)
Macmillan Cancer SupportNetworks & Others
Maeston Consulting LimitedIT Supplier
Marie Curie UKCare Organisation
Marie Stopes InternationalCare Organisation (e.g. private care provider)
MedeanalyticsIT Supplier
Medic CreationsIT Supplier
MedicalchainIT Supplier
MedichecksCare Organisation
Medisec SoftwareIT Supplier
Memset LtdIT Supplier
Metadata ConsultingIT Supplier
MicroarrayIT Supplier
Microsoft Health & Life SciencesIT Supplier
MinddistrictIT Supplier
Mindwave Ventures LimitedIT Supplier
Ministry of Defence - Defence Medical ServicesNetworks & Others
MMT DigitalIT Supplier
my mhealthIT Supplier
Myorb LimitedIT Supplier
Nervecentre Software LtdIT Supplier
Newcastle University (NCL)Care Organisation
Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
NHS DigitalALBs (Arm's Length Bodies)
NHS Dumfries & GallowayCare Organisations
NHS EnglandALBs (Arm's Length Bodies)
NHS Gloucestershire CCGCare Organisation
NHS GrampianCare Organisation
NHS HACK DAYNetworks & Others
NHS LothianCare Organisation
NHS South, Central and West CSUCare Organisation
NHS West Kent CCGCare Organisation
NHSXALBs (Arm's Length Bodies)
North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
North Tyneside CCGCare Organisation
North West London Care Information ExchangeCare Organisation
Northampton General Hospital NHS TrustCare Organisation
Northern Ireland CCIO NetworkNetworks & Others
Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation TrustCare Organisation
Northumbria UniversityAcademic Institution
Northwick Park HopsitalCare Organisation
Nourish CareIT Supplier
NZ Health Information Standards OrganisationStandards Organisation
One HealthTechNetworks & Others
One LondonOther
OpenHealthHubNetworks & Others
OpenMedicalIT Supplier
OpenUKStandards Organisations
OTTech Healthcare ConsultancyIT Supplier
Our Healthier South East LondonCare Organisation
Patient WebcamIT Supplier
Philips-ForcareIT Supplier
PRAG-DEL-SOL-ONEStandards Organisations
PumpcoIT Supplier
QuicIT Supplier
RelysisIT Supplier
Restart ConsultingIT Supplier
ResusIT Supplier
RhapsodyIT Supplier
RMJ Clinical Solutions LtdIT Supplier
Solidsoft ReplyIT Supplier
Somerset Integrated Digital Electronic RecordCare Organisation
Source Code ControlIT Supplier
Surgical ConsentIT Supplier
The Martin Bell PartnershipNetworks & Others
Tower Hamlet/Newham/City Hackney/Waltham Forest CCGCare Organisation
University of Essex - Raytel GroupIT Supplier
Vital ImagesIT Supplier