Cheshire Care Record

Introduction Solution
To deliver a care record solution across the "Cheshires" and further, with a long term expectation that this will provide the basis for the development of more targeted and refined future services.

The Cheshire Care Record is an integrated care record solution that shares information across a range of health and care settings. The record is used to support clinical decision making and transfers of care. The former West Cheshire Record was extended across the whole of Cheshire in 2016.

The Cheshire Care Record uses Graphnet CareCentric v.3 software.

Level 3 - Sharing three or more care settings at read only
Large - More that 10 organisations
  • Central Repository Model The Cheshire Care Record is a read-only integrated care record using Graphnet’s CareCentric v.3 software.
  • Information about patients are drawn from a range of health and care settings including primary care, acute care, social care, community, mental health and cancer care. There are 98 datasets integrated.
  • End-users can view this amalgamated information through the CareCentric portal, or through their existing system for EMIS, Adastra, Meditech, ExtraMed, Vision and CareNotes users.
  • Information governance rules are in place to manage the access to the data.
  • Additional organisations, other than those providing data, are able to view the patient record for example ambulance service and Out of Hours GPs, Hospices and the long-term care organisation: Continuing Healthcare

Business Capabilities

Records Access
  • Provides a read-only summary of the patient record from within the existing clinical systems, or through a web-based portal.
  • The record includes access to:
    • Patient medications
    • Hospital attendances
    • Diagnoses
    • Community information
    • Key contacts (other carers)
    • Allergies
    • Immunisations
    • Test results
    • Social care information
    • Mental health information
Transfers of Care
  • Information can be viewed in the Cheshire Care Record when a patient is handed-on to other parts of the service for example via a referral, transfer or discharge.
  • GPs, social and community care organisations are able to see the appropriate information such as future appointments and test results.
  • This supports safe and effective continuation of care.
Information Sharing Rules
  • A cross community Information Sharing Agreement governing access to patient records is in place.
  • The agreement authorises data providers, data controllers and data viewers.
  • A Cheshire Care Record is created based on implied consent and patients have to explicitly opt out if they don’t want a record to be created for them by informing their GP