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Medications Interoperability to Improve Safety

23rd March @ 09:00 - 24th March @ 17:00 GMT

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How can technology improve medications safety?

INTEROPen is returning with this free*, two-day hackathon to continue our ambition of unravelling some of the knottiest problems in medications interoperability.

This online hackathon is for all those interested in learning about, testing, and developing capabilities and tools that will help staff and patients share medications data in a safe and secure manner.

Building on our previous INTEROPen #FHIRHack medicines hackathons, this event is being designed with the ambition of accelerating development against the FHIR Interoperable Medicines Standards and Structured Dose Syntax guidance, enabling patient medication information to move seamlessly between care providers including primary and secondary care, ambulance, social care, and creating a patient-centred consolidated medication record.

Alongside the opportunity to hack to your heart’s content, we’ll be running educational workshops, strategy seminars and real-world demos in parallel sessions throughout the two days.


We’re keen to build on our previous learning for using FHIR medication resources and dosing syntax to tackle the challenges of flowing medications information between the following:

Transfers of Care

– Secondary care – ePMA systems – consuming medications data on admission – sending structured messaging on discharge

– Primary Care – GP systems – sending structured messaging to other care settings – consuming structured messaging from other settings

– Social Care discharge to nursing/care homes/care at home

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) next generation

– Moving EPS from HL7v3 to FHIR UK Core R4

– EPS API: Moving EPS from asynchronous to synchronous (RESTful)

– Enabling wider implementation of EPS across care settings

Integrated Care Sytems (Patient-Centred Consolidated Medication Record)

– Consuming Medicines statements and other resources

– Presenting consolidated medication information from multiple sources

– Patient perspective

Masterclasses covering Interoperable Medicines Standards

– FHIR medication Resources – Request, Dispense, Statement, Administration- dictionary of medicines and devices (dm+d)


Each day hospital clinicians are busy piecing together patient’s current medications on admission, from GP systems and other sources to transcribe and reconcile them manually into their clinical systems, which is both time-consuming and dangerous. The potential transcription errors resulting from this could cause drug errors which in turn may lead to extended hospital stays or inflict real harm to patients.

In primary care, medication information sent to GPs is often buried in clinic or discharge letters, and difficult to transcribe or assimilate back into GP systems or other records for ongoing care. Until recorded in the GP system the patient record is incomplete. Specialist prescribing is often quite separate, leaving clinicians in other care settings unaware of medications that could impact the care they give.


We want to develop system functionality and workflows to aid the adoption of the FHIR medications resources that support the consistent transfer of prescribed and dispensed medication information across all care settings and to construct a single shared consolidated view of a patient’s medication record that will improve safety and efficiency of the drug prescribing and administration process.


In keeping with INTEROPen values, all interested parties are invited to take part in planning calls which take place every Thursday at 8 am. Zoom details are available on Ryver – INTEROPen’s collaboration platform**

These planning calls aim to set out the scope and agenda for the hackathon, and to provide participants with the information to commence their architectural plans.

All conversations, technical preparations and updates relating to this event will be shared in the related topic in the Medications Hackathon Forum on Ryver**


The agenda and a list of breakout sessions, including seminars and demos, will be published shortly.


If you are an implementation lead, software engineer, developer, product support analyst, implementation consultant, interface manager, or product owner sign up for the hackathon itself.

If you are a CIO, CCIO, CEO, CMIO, digital transformation lead, IT manager, LHCR/GDE lead or care professional (including social care) with an interest in health informatics, you may enjoy our many workshops, demos or seminars or, to see the output of the hackathon, sign up for the post-hack presentation session – further details to follow.

Looking forward to FHIRHacking with you soon!


*ticket charges will be refunded on attendance

**to access to Ryver, you will need to be a member of INTEROPen (for GDPR reasons).


23rd March @ 09:00 GMT
24th March @ 17:00 GMT