INTEROP Summit 2017

Where we create a common language for connecting our care system.

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Two days of educational lectures by local and national experts, approved for 8 CPD points by Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians (RCP & RCGP).

The purpose of this summit is to share knowledge and experience of healthcare interoperability to give participants a greater understanding of what it means and how it can be achieved. Our aim is to develop a common understanding and ‘language’ for talking about interoperability to unlock the benefits of information sharing in terms of clinical safety, population health and precision medicine.

Who Attends:

  • Software developers or suppliers designing safe and reliable interoperable tools
  • CCIOs or CIOs striving for effective information sharing for your organisation
  • Frontline health & care staff aspiring to join up care silos
10:30-11:00 Dr Amir Mehrkar, Dr Cían Hughes, Dr Wai Keong Wong Introduction
11:00-11:30 Ian McNicoll What is clinical information modelling?
11:30-12:00 Dr Dai Evans What is clinical terminology?
13:00-13:30 Matt Stibbs Packaging, Transferring and manipulating data across systems
13:30-14:00 Adam Hatherly The different designs of sharing platforms and the RESTful API future
14:00-14:30 Dr David Hay Why you WANT to be on FHIR
15:00-15:30 Prof Martin Severs The legal basis of data sharing
15:30-15:50 Dominic King Machine Learning for healthcare
16:20-17:00 Andrew Eland, Ben Laurie Technical solutions to keep health data safe and secure
Evening Dr Umesh Prabhu Leadership and Developing Clinically Safe Systems
Evening Liz O’Riordan Why are we really improving Interoperability?
Evening Molly Case Poetry Reading
9:00-9:30 Dr Jeremy RogersMaking SNOMED-CT work
9:30-10:00 Ian McNicoll, Dr Philip Scott, Dr Phil KoczanThe PRSB Headings
10:00-10:30 Indi Singh, Ian Townend, Phil Stradling, Mike SmithProducts to support Interoperability
11:00-11:30 Jocelyn PalmerHow to make the business case (+benefits) for your interoperability programme
11:30-12:00 Andrew FentonThe past, present and future of standards development work in the NHS
13:00-13:30 James Palmer, Keith StrahanInteroperability between Health and Social Care
13:30-14:30 Paul Cooper, Rachel Dunscombe, Richard Jefferson, Will Smart, Prof Martin Severs, Dr Shane McKeePanel Discussion
15:00-15:30 Dr Joe McDonaldEngaging the public in an Information sharing gateway

Opinion Pieces and Noteworthy People

David StablesThe Negotiable Standard – an Opinion Piece
Prof Robert M WachterChair, Making IT Work: Harnessing the Power of Health Information Technology to Improve Care in England
Emma Doyle

Medication Reconciliation Story


We will use a patient story as a thread to bring the interoperability concepts alive:

Michael is a typical patient who accesses many care services, all of which need to be aware of his medication needs.

At the same time Michael also wants to take advantage of technology apps to support him with managing his medication. We believe that improving education on interoperability is an important part of making Michael’s story real in our NHS. Lecturers are encouraged to reference parts of this story where relevant.

Event Logistics

Join the INTEROPen community

Interop Summit is held in partnership with the INTEROPen community. INTEROPen is an OPEN collaboration of individuals, industry, standards organisations and health and care providers, who have agreed to work together to accelerate the development of open standards for interoperability in the health and social care sector.

INTEROPen’s current focus is on curating a national set of UK FHIR open standards, called CareConnect profiles and APIs, for the sharing of care data between systems and organisations (FHIR is covered in our Day 1 lecture, “Why you WANT to be on FHIR”). As an individual interested in attending the Interop Summit, we invite you to join the INTEROPen forum on Ryver, where you can carry on conversations started during the Summit and collaborate with peers to act upon ideas inspired by the talks.

If you are part of an organisation, please take this opportunity to ask whether your organisation would like to join the growing list of leading health IT suppliers, providers and now CCGs/LDRs/STP regions who have agreed to our Terms and Conditions and are working together to join up services and make a better health and social care system.

If would like more information about joining INTEROPen please contact

If you have any questions about the Interop Summit, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Team Interop Summit

Partners and Sponsors

We are proud to thank all our partners for our 2017 event:

List of Partners: INTEROPen, Health CIO Network, CCIO Network, Healthtech Women UK, Royal College of Physicians, PRSB, HL7 UK, Royal College of General Practitioners, BCS, Tech UK, Faculty of Clinical Informatics, Code4Health, NHS England, NHS Digital

As well as our evening event sponsors for 2017:

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