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Interoperability Business Case Template

This interoperability business case template provides care systems with a standard template for compiling an outline business case for local interoperability solutions.

The template contains the most appropriate and expected content for an outline business case on interoperability. It also contains embedded guidance material, links to case studies from recent exemplar implementations and useful references.

Example content
The Interoperability Business Case Template is available in Microsoft Word .docx format

Download Business Case Template

The outline business case follows the format set out in the HMT Green Book 5 Case Model. The five cases comprise the following format:

  • The Strategic Case sets out the strategic context, the case for interoperability together with the supporting investment objectives for the programme and the current state assessment.
  • The Economic Case assesses the options for investment in the interoperability programme, the economic cost and benefits of the options and a preferred option.
  • The Commercial Case reviews the commercial feasibility and procurement of the interoperability solution proposed.
  • The Financial Case assesses funding arrangements and affordability of the proposed interoperability solution.
  • The Management Case provides a detailed delivery plan for the implementation of the preferred interoperability solution.

Taken together, these five cases should present a compelling case for change when planning any local interoperability infrastructure investment.