Case Studies

  • Datawell: Pathology Pilot

    The Greater Manchester Academic Science Network Partners (AHSN) have implemented a Lumira data sharing solution to support the devolution of health and care services to Greater Manchester. This is part of the regional interoperability programme called DataWell. At the current scale, the solution enables sharing of pathology information between healthcare organisations, viewable through mobile devices.

    The solution implementation is in progress with a final Go-Live date of May 2018.

    Level 1 - Sharing one care setting or planning sharing
  • Dorset Care Record

    The Dorset Care Record is helping Dorset re-engineer the way it delivers health and care across the region.

    The record currently draws data from three acute hospitals and the majority of Dorset’s GP practices. Data sets from other partner organisations will be added soon. A wide range of providers, including social care and mental health, can view the record. Access for the South Western Ambulance Trust is in the pipeline.

    The solution, which uses an Orion Health technology platform, is one of the key digital enablers of Dorset’s Sustainability and Transformation Plan.

    Level 1 - Sharing one care setting or planning sharing
  • East London

    The east London Patient Record (eLPR) shares ‘read-only’ patient records across health and community organisations in the 5 London boroughs of Waltham Forest, Newham, Tower Hamlets, Hackney and City of London, as well as with GPs in West Essex.

    The Health Information Exchange (HIE) has been implemented to facilitate continuous improvement in the delivery of direct patient care.

    Level 3 - Sharing three or more care settings at read only
  • Hampshire Health Record

    The Hampshire Health Record (HHR) is a shared care record that shares information about 1.9m patients across a range of health and care settings. The record is used to support clinical decision making and transfers of care. A second database was deployed with the solution which uses pseudonymised data to support research and population health planning.

    The Hampshire Health Record uses Graphnet’s CareCentric software.

    Level 4 - Sharing three or more care settings, with write capability
  • Health and Human Services – Connect

    The Health and Human Services (HHS) – Connect programme was established by New York City to transform the city’s health and human services. The programme implemented a shared care management system to break down information silos between social care providers.
    The platform shares citizen information between 10 different agencies and provides citizen access, to improve services for families.

    Level 1 - Sharing one care setting or planning sharing