Case Studies

  • Lancashire Patient Record Exchange Services

    The Lancashire Person Record Exchange Services (LPRES) allows sites to share patient documents with participating sites. LPRES also developed an online information governance tool for managing information sharing agreements between sites.

    The solution deployed is a HIE Tiani Spirit Exchange platform and it connects 9 sites and 228 GPs.

    Level 3 - Sharing three or more care settings at read only
  • Leeds Care Record

    Leeds Care Record is described locally as a city wide multi-agency integrated record. It contains a rich dataset, supplied by a variety of settings, including mental health and adult and children’s social care, and is used exclusively to support direct patient care.

    Leeds Care Record is a bespoke solution developed and hosted by The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT). It is a component of the Leeds PPM+ enterprise platform. A strong focus on engagement, collaboration and understanding what people want has been key to the programme’s success.

    Level 3 - Sharing three or more care settings at read only
  • Lincolnshire Health and Care

    Lincolnshire Health and Care (LHAC) have deployed a shared care record solution that currently shares information from 3 of their acute hospital trust’s systems. The Lincolnshire Care Portal will be used to support the delivery of integrated care through multidisciplinary teams. It will be fully operational in May 2017.

    The Lincolnshire Care Portal uses InterSystems’ Healthshare solution.

    Level 1 - Sharing one care setting or planning sharing
  • Medications data using a CareConnect #FHIR API

    Clinicians often struggle to retrieve a patient’s medications history to prepare a list of collated medications as the data is, typically, stored across a number of systems.

    In Bristol, the Connecting Care Programme has developed a solution which involves adopting FHIR to address the needs of medication reconciliation.

    The initial aim is to avoid substance misuse (specifically opioid substitution therapy drugs) within Bristol but there are far wider future aims.

  • Midlands Your Care Connected

    Your Care Connected (YCC) is an information sharing programme, hosted by Birmingham Cross City CCG on behalf of the other CCGs in the region. It uses the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) to enable secondary care clinicians to view information recorded by the GP. In the next phase, the ambulance service and out of hours providers will gain access, and other organisations will follow.
    YCC plays a role in the Birmingham Intelligent City programme, which aims to deploy a city-wide infrastructure to meet the evolving demands of its citizens and support new models of  engagement.

    Level 2 - Sharing two care settings {inc. GP} at read only