INTEROPen Integration Projects 2018

NHS Digital Industry Briefing: 1st & 10th May 2018

‘One London’: 4th April 2018

Pan London Local Health aand Care Records (LHCREs) Workshop

Care Connect Reference Implementation

Webex 8th December 2017

The Care Connect Reference Implementation described and presented in this webex is available to interact with at

Everything related to the Reference Implementation can be found in the Care Connect Implementation Guide here, (including the downloads to take the Reference Implementation and try it, use it, pull it apart yourself)

If you have any feedback on this webex, join the conversation in the CareConnect API forum on Ryver or email

Driving the Dream of Integrated Health & Care Services

Clinicians on FHIR: 21st November 2017, The King’s Fund

ODS API Suite Webex: 17th November 2017

This is a community project briefing to provide updates on the suite of ODS APIs that are currently in development at NHS Digital. As part of the briefing, we detail the rationale for the ODS API Suite, the current functionality and the indicative delivery timescales.

Although the development of the API Suite is underway, NHS Digital invited INTEROPen community to provide feedback on the current proposed functionality of the API Suite and helped to influence the final functionality of the API.

FHIR Mappings & Transformations: October 2017

This webex describes two new methods for building FHIR transforms: FHIR Mapping Language (a part of FHIR STU3), and Transforms By Example.

These methods work together, and are demonstrated using an example transform between OpenEHR and FHIR. They can greatly reduce the costs of building, adapting and maintaining transform software by reducing the amount of coding and reducing the learning curve required.