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How do we stay informed about the work INTEROPen are doing?

There are several ways in which you can keep informed of INTEROPen activities and news. Aside from following our updates on Twitter @INTEROPenAPI, by joining INTEROPen you will receive access to our online communication platform, Ryver. This is a space where INTEROPen members exchange news of developments, activities, and events, share ideas, and collaborate on projects such as our ongoing STU3 CareConnect Profile curation work.

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I’m a supplier who wants to integrate with my commissioners (the NHS) – how do I engage them to take this forward?

There are two parts to this: first of all, your primary engagement will always need to be with the NHS at a local level – these are your customers and your revenue stream. However, you may also wish to be able to advise your customers with regard to upcoming strategic moves around inter-organisational information exchange, especially with details of how your system(s) can help your customer meet the most recent contractual requirements for Transfer of Care and Open (CareConnect) APIs. I would recommend anyone in your position take an active roll in INTEROPen, where NHS England, NHS Digital, local CIO/CCIOs, other system suppliers, standards bodies etc. work together to develop and adopt open national standards for information exchange.

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