FAQ Category: <span>Standards Development</span>

How does this relate to the standards work being done by NHS Digital and the PRSB?

Both NHS Digital and PRSB are members of INTEROPen and have agreed to work collaboratively under the INTEROPen banner. The work by PRSB and NHS Digital is undertaken as members of INTEROPen under the framework of the INTEROPen end to end process towards achieving the unifying goal of all INTEROPen members.

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Do we need both GP Connect and CareConnect? If so, why?

The GP Connect API is the nationally supported mechanism to access GP information. CareConnect APIs are the nationally supported mechanism to develop interoperable exchange interfaces for other use cases; GDEs and LHCREs will implement these as OPEN APIs. The intention is for vendors to align their interoperability interfaces to these specifications so that we can move away from proprietary standards to open ones. All www.INTEROPen.org vendors have signed up to this principle.

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