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Have the Outpatient letter headings now been signed off as the Endorsements tab on https://theprsb.org/standards/outpatientletterstandard/ still says “The PRSB is publishing the outpatient letter standards in draft form while it undergoes endorsement by our relevant member organisations. The final version will be published on the PRSB as soon as it is available.”

The PRSB Outpatient Standard has not been ratified because the PRSB were waiting for the Royal College of Surgeons to nominate someone to provide an example letter. This is still the situation. NHS Digital have obtained reassurance from the PRSB that the Information Models associated with the Outpatient Use Case will not be impacted, and consequently this has not impeded the development of the FHIR bundles.

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24 hour discharge would normally be followed up with 5 days with a full discharge summary – in that case do organisations need to push out 24hr discharge electronically, or just full discharge summary?

Section 3.1.2 http://prsb-dev.riviam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Implementation-Guidance-from-Discharge-Phase-2-To-be-read-with-Mental-Health-Report.pdf states “the practice of sending an initial brief summary and following up with a later more detailed letter should be deprecated”, i.e. the 24hr discharge becomes the full discharge summary

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