How do we stay informed about the work INTEROPen are doing?

There are several ways in which you can keep informed of INTEROPen activities and news. Aside from following our updates on Twitter @INTEROPenAPI, by joining INTEROPen you will receive access to our online communication platform, Ryver. This is a space where INTEROPen members exchange news of developments, activities, and events, share ideas, and collaborate on projects such as our ongoing STU3 CareConnect Profile curation work.

We are currently in the process of making improvements to our website, where you will find news updates and have access to tools and resources, as well as community documents and all the documents which are discussed at the monthly INTEROPen Board meeting. As a member of INTEROPen, you will also receive a copy of our newsletter and news announcements via email.

To join INTEROPen, simply complete our joining form where you will be asked to read and agree to INTEROPen Terms and Conditions.

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