What is the status of implementation of APIs in GP systems for the receipt of documents, Pathology results and Radiology reports from Trust systems via MESH? Will they still accept current data format as well as MESH? If not, when will they stop receiving data in the current format, particularly for GPs

MESH as the transport layer is agnostic of the payload structure it carries. Some GPs can obtain electronic embedded documents such as radiology reports or discharge summaries currently. However there may be additional manual processes to add these to their workflow. Pathology result input is more likely to be automated


As technical standards change there may be an overlap of standards (or parallel running) for a short period to allow sender organisations to eventually reach the same position. Transfer of Care (structured FHIR messages) has its own Workflow IDs defined in MESH and the expectation is that these Workflow IDs will contain structured FHIR messages only.   Other Workflow IDs are already in use for embedded PDF (or other formats) correspondence. The FHIR bundles for Transfer of Care changed to Beta status on 05/07/2018 and this is seen as a significant step to encourage implementers to build structured solutions. for Transfer of Care, the structured message deadline adoption is likely to be reset once the GP IT receive capability is known